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This is the History and Constructor Times New Roman

Times New Roman mention, of course a lot of people who know. This typeface is used as a standard typing a letter in the world. Its existence is widely known by people from various professions. However, how many among us who know the history of the creation of Times New Roman font type is this?

This letter is designed by an Englishman named Stanley Morrison. He was born on May 6, 1889 in Wanstead, United Kingdom. Stanley grew up as a figure who has no knowledge about printing, but later on he occupied many important positions in the world. A lot of knowledge in terms of typographic printing obtained since becoming a member of The Pelican Press.

Love of God makes a lot of reading religious books, even the first tipografinya work is also aimed at the church. Once out of The Pelican Press, he worked for Cloister Press in Manchester. Many of the designs produced his best when he worked at this company. Again, his work reflects a lot of catholic church background, this is seen in the illustrations and all kinds of decorations that he used. Because he hated the war, the movement he was imprisoned antiperangnya making for four years (1914-1918).

For approximately 30 years (1929-1960), Stanley Morrison, a consultant letter to The Times newspaper in London, England. As a consultant letters, in 1931 he told the Times, "The Times is a newspaper that already have their own customers, we require a letter that is not the same merchandise in general, the letters had to be basically good, but it also reflects the strength of the line, consistency, and economical for The Times ".

Because the words of that, October 3, 1932 to today marketing typeface "Times" to the public, because on that day for the first time the newspaper The Times printed using the font named as the newspaper itself. Stanley Morrison was not the only person who was behind the screen success of the letter. He also assisted his friend named Victor Lardent as the person who drew the design of this letter.

The letter named the Times is rapidly becoming very popular at that time, widely used in newspapers, magazines, or books * the company's annual report. This letter is registered licensed to The Monotype Corporation in England, but also to companies registered in the United Linotype license, because a lot of The Times newspaper register the license of its products to the Linotype. Finally, in 1945, The American Linotype Company register the trade name "Times Roman" separately, not as a part of The Times or Monotype. This is where there is a difference a name to use this letter in the computer. Linotype and companies under license, such as Adobe's and Apple Macintosh using the name "Roman Times", while Monotype with companies such as Microsoft under license to * use the name "Times New Roman".

In the era of the 80s, Monotype Times New Roman redesign and claims that the letters in the redesign is better than Times Roman Linotype owned. Because not to be outdone, the adjacent time periods, Adobe, Linotype also launched a new series of letters the Times, which of course they claim the new letter was also better than the letter of Monotype. In fact, some or maybe all the users of this letter will not be realized or will not even questioning the differences between them even though the letters are printed very clearly with a size of 10 pt in high resolution 300 dpi.
Apart from the various conflicts in the above, proved that Stanley Morrison has managed to create a good character with its own trademark so that these types of letters continue to be remembered and is used by many today. He died on October 11, 1967 in London, England.

The types of fonts made by Stanley Morrison:
Fonts: Times ™ (1931), Times ™ Ten (1931), Times ™ Eighteen (1931), Times ™ of Central European (1931), Times New Roman ™ (1932, in collaboration with Victor Lardent). Fonts: Times ™ (1931), Times ™ Ten (1931), Times ™ Eighteen (1931), Times ™ Central European (1931).

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